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Masdio Sunrise Salt Lamp

Masdio Sunrise Salt Lamp

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  • Handcrafted Beauty Lamp: Our salt lamps are individually handmade and crafted from the purest Himalayan salt, ensuring each piece is unique and beautiful in its own right. Shaped into a Sunrise design, they radiate a soothing and calming glow, adding a touch of natural elegance to any room.

  • Efficient Wireless Charging Lighting: Say goodbye to tangled cords with our wireless charger. Compatible with iPhone 12, 11, X, and all Qi-enabled devices, it offers fast and efficient charging with just a single move.

  • Stepless Dimmable Lighting: Control the brightness of your space with ease using our stepless dimmable feature. Long-press the metal switch to adjust the brightness to your liking, providing warm and inviting light for your room.

  • Lamp with Wireless Charger: The base of our Sunrise salt lamp is a versatile addition to your space. Made of European beech, it features stepless dimming control, a wireless phone charger, a cell phone stand, a sound amplifier, and a pen holder, adding both functionality and style to your decor.

  • Complete Package: With your Masdio Sunrise Amber Lamp, you'll also receive a Quick User Guide, User Manual, Power Adapter, and a 30-day money-back guarantee, along with a 12-month hassle-free warranty backed by considerate customer service. Please note that the wireless charging receiver is not included.

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