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  • Dynamic RGB Table Lamp: Enhance your gaming experience with our RGB table lamp, featuring an array of colors and effects to suit your every mood and preference.

  • Versatile Lighting Options: Choose from millions of colors and multicolor effects with the RGB table lamp, ensuring you can set the ideal atmosphere for intense gaming sessions or relaxed downtime.

  • Futuristic Design & LED Lamp: The sleek, modern design of this RGB table lamp is perfect for those seeking a futuristic look for their gaming setup. Its geometric aesthetic complements any gaming space beautifully.

  • Perfect for Gamers: Specifically designed for gaming enthusiasts, the RGB table lamp enhances the visual appeal of your setup, creating an immersive environment that amplifies your gaming experience.

  • Great Gift Idea: The RGB table lamp makes a fantastic gift for anyone who loves geometric-style games or enjoys customizing their gaming environment with stylish, colorful lighting.


  • Cool design made for looking great in gaming setups and gaming rooms.
  • Adjustable and dimmable RGB LED lets you choose from 1+ million colors and multicolor effects to fit the style of your gaming setup.
  • Create a light show effect by increasing or decreasing the speed of the multicolor effects.
  • The convenient remote control allows you to operate multiple lamps using the same remote.

— Colors: Black
— Materials: Acrylic, Toughened Plexiglass
— Measurements: 2.8"L x 2.8"W x 10.6"H

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