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Masdio Radiant LED Camping Lantern

Masdio Radiant LED Camping Lantern

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Charming Filament Style: Embrace the nostalgic charm of filament-style lighting with our versatile camping lantern, enhancing the ambiance of your outdoor adventures.

IP65 Waterproof Design: Designed to withstand outdoor conditions, this IP65 waterproof lantern ensures durability and reliability in various weather conditions.

Dual Functionality: Not just a lantern, but also an 8000mAh power bank, keeping you connected and illuminated during your outdoor excursions.

Rechargeable Convenience: Enjoy the convenience of rechargeability, ensuring continuous use without the hassle of replacing batteries.

Practical Camping Companion: This LED glamping lantern combines nostalgia with practicality, providing warm 3000K yellow light and essential charging capabilities for an enhanced camping experience.

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