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Masdio Light of Pattern

Masdio Light of Pattern

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  • Striking LED Table Lamp Design: The Light of Patterns LED table lamp features a glass-like lampshade embedded with LED lights, creating a beautifully lit ambiance that captures attention and enhances any space.

  • Table Lamp with USB Port: This LED table lamp is not just about aesthetics. Its base includes a wireless charging pad and a USB port, making it a practical addition to your tabletop for charging all your devices effortlessly.

  • Innovative Touch and Gesture Controls: Turn the LED table lamp on or off with a simple wave of your hand above the lampshade. The base also features touch controls to adjust brightness and switch between different color temperatures, offering customizable lighting to suit any mood.

  • Perfect Ambiance Creation: With its LED lights and sleek design, the Light of Patterns LED table lamp is ideal for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in any room. Its versatility makes it a staple on tabletops worldwide.

  • Global Appeal: The Light of Patterns LED table lamp is set to become a must-have across many tabletops. Its combination of innovative features and stylish lamp design ensures it will be a standout piece in any home or office.

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