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Masdio Astra Solar Pillar Lamp

Masdio Astra Solar Pillar Lamp

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Multiple Size Options: The Solar Pillar Light comes in three sizes: 25*H20cm, 30*H20cm, and 40*H22cm, catering to various outdoor settings and perfectly fitting into garden and patio designs.

Versatile Lighting Colors: Choose from warm light, red light, or yellow light. With remote control operation, you can easily adjust the lighting to create the perfect outdoor ambiance.

Efficient Solar Charging: This outdoor solar lamp is powered by solar energy, making it eco-friendly and energy-efficient. The largest size features a 5600mAh battery, while the other two sizes come with 3600mAh batteries, ensuring long-lasting and stable illumination.

Premium Materials: Made of aluminum, glass, and LED, the Solar Pillar Light is sturdy and durable. It boasts excellent waterproof performance, making it suitable for all weather conditions in outdoor use.

Easy Installation and Maintenance: As a top-notch outdoor solar lamp, this light is easy to install without complex wiring. It requires minimal maintenance, providing a reliable and long-term lighting solution for your outdoor spaces.

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