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Masdio Metallic Cordless Rechargable Waterproof Table Lamp

Masdio Metallic Cordless Rechargable Waterproof Table Lamp

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  • Elegant Outdoor Lamp: Carved from a spinning block of metal, this rechargeable table lamp boasts a pure, firm texture. Its metallic form, composed of a circular shade and base connected by a central rod, is designed to be the centerpiece of any gathering, making every night special.

  • Soft, Natural Light: Inspired by the gentle radiance of classic lanterns, this rechargeable table lamp emits a warm, inviting glow. The soft light from beneath its top fills the darkness with a soothing ambiance, perfect for enhancing any occasion.

  • Dimmable Touch Sensor Light: Adjust the lighting with a simple touch. The rechargeable table lamp features a touch-sensitive top with four dimming stages, ranging from a faint candle-like glow to a bright light that adds depth and brightness to any room.

  • Waterproof and Portable Lamp: With IP66 water resistance, this rechargeable table lamp is versatile and portable. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, it can be placed in the bathroom or taken outside. The surface-treated grip ensures it won’t slip from your hand.

  • Premium Craftsmanship: Experience the tactile luxury of this rechargeable table lamp, molded from three types of machined metal. The heavy brass base acts as a paperweight, while the aluminum with a matte black finish offers a lightweight touch, ensuring a premium feel in the dark.


Material: Stainless steel(Silver), Brass(Gold), Aluminum(Black)
Size: 27.5 cm×13 cm (10.8×5.1 Inches)
‎Rechargeable lithium-ion battery: 3.‎7 V / 5200 mAh
4 dimming levels: low, mid, high, ex-high
Color temperature (k):1800,2300,2400,2500
Battery run time (h): 150, 38, 12, 5
Power consumption (W): 0.‎1 - 0.‎5 - 1.‎2 - 3.‎5

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