Gifts for your Favorite Aquarius Friend

Everything Lucky About Aquarius
So, you’re shopping for your favorite Aquarius’s birthday and you’re totally stuck on what to give your water bearer friend/family member/S.O. But have no fear, I’m here to present you with a handy Aquarius gift guide.
Let's have a look at Aquarius first.
The Luck of the Water Bearer
Aquarius is associated with science and technology, creativity, and humanitarianism. So your Aquarius friend likely has wide-ranging interests and plans. An absolute firebrand, the Water Bearer needs all the luck they can get to help them enact their plans. So, what do they need to increase an Aquarius’ luck?

Lucky Numbers

2, 3, and 9

Lucky Days

Thursday and Friday

Lucky Colors

Electric Blue is an especially lucky color for Aquarius, who is ruled by Uranus, who in turn, rules electricity, among other things. Purple is another lucky color for Aquarius.

Lucky Gemstones

Blue Sapphire is Aquarius’ Life Stone, which gives it protective properties when worn by Aquarius.

Hessonite attracts creativity, prosperity, and success while also enhancing your ability to show respect for those around them.  

Lucky Element

Water-bearing Aquarius seeks the influence of the planet Uranus, which oversees electricity. Therefore, everything blue, especially electric blue, is fortunate for Aquarius in 2023.

Things for Aquarius to Stay Away from

Pearl is ruled by the moon, which clashes poorly with Aquarius’ second ruler, Saturn. It’s believed that wearing white pearls will attract unwanted enemies to you. 

How Aquarius Can Improve Their Luck

  • Ditch drama.
  • Purchase some new tech, preferably in blue.
  • Keep garnet near them, since it promotes good health and grounding.
  • Maintain a good work/life balance.
  • Keep an open mind.

Here are some gift ideas for you!

  1. Specialized Crystals

Chakra Healing Crystal Necklace Set

These crystals can help to complement Aquarius's personality traits, like amethyst to enhance creativity and Lapis Lazuli to better communicate and self-expression. Choose the crystal to wear based on his/her healing needs, it is a gift that can accompany your friend every day.

  1. Crystal Bedside Lamp

Touching Control Rose Crystal Lamp

A beautifully cut crystal bedside lamp with changeable light colors including Electric Blue, just what your Aquarius friend needs!


Light of Cloud Wireless Charging Table Lamp

This is a bedside lamp that your Aquarius friend can customize the light color and temperature of his/her own will. It also comes with Bluetooth speakers and a wireless charging pad. Simply includes the elements of blue, purple, and electricity in just one lamp!

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