Where are the home decor trends going away in 2022?

With so many people start spending more time at home due to the pandemic all over the world, the home décor will be the significant point, you will see that everything you set your eyes on can be improved or replaced when you look around your home. However, most homeowners begin to focus on those home décor with simple, convenient, and practical function rather than luxury, and the increasing competition has also ensured that smart home products would not as expensive as they used to be.

Home Décor has to be Easy, Practical, and Good Designbedside lamp

The days have gone that people always purchase those luxury or expensive products to make the home looks good, they start moving their attentions to easy use, multiple practical functions with a simple but good design appearance.

For home decor, the shopper’s journey is not “where do I find this?” anymore, but more importantly “How do I use it?” The growing speed of technology is too fast so that Millennials become information hungry. The manufacturers always tried to put various functions in a product to make it can be sold as a high value but do not realize to make it easy to use. The user experience is always the first thing that buyers will consider.

The growth of wireless products is the best proof to show that people have focused on simple and clean design, people hope to use a product to finish its own work without wire messy issue such as Light of Tree Lamp – a bedside lamp can light your reading, play music and charge phone, the size is only 1/3 of the normal bedside table, it solves the issue that if you don’t have a spare room to satisfied all your requirements. As many of us have adjusted to working at home, a clean design will definitely improve efficiency, and “a pretty and dedicated space means more productivity, in our opinion,” said Roxy Te Owens, founder and creative director of Society Social.

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